1. Introduction to Dried Bio Cellulose Technology

This video introduces regular wet type bio cellulose, along with its problematic issues, and how YOUCEL overcame these issues with its very own patented Dried Bio Cellulose Technology.



2. Amazing Benefits of DBC

This video introduces amazing benefits of Dried Bio Cellulose sheets, including its ability increase elasticity of skin, stellar adhesion to allow DBC sheet to stick to the finest wrinkles and creases of the skin, unparalleled serum absorption and transferability.




3. DBC vs Non Woven Fabric - Adhesion Comparison

This videos compares key characteristics of mask sheets between DBC Sheets and Non Woven Fabric Sheets, such as face adhesion, palm adhesion, and microscopic structure.




4. How to Get the Best Result from DBC Deep Cleansing Product

This video explains how to derive the best result from DBC Deep Cleansing Products.

*IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU WAIT UP TO 70 MINS TO ALLOW THE MASK SHEET TO FULLY DRY. Your mask should feel like a dry layer of the skin.
**The waiting time may vary depending on the humidity of the room.