Serum vs Base




NO. All the goodness in the active ingredients o f the serum means nothing if it is not delivered to the skin. A lot of brands advertise that their serum includes so many key ingredients which will hydrate, brighten, lift up or deeply cleanse your skin. This is only true if the serum is successfully delivered to the skin. Unfortunately, the skin can not simply soak up all the nutrients without the help of mask base. Most people tend to think the serum is everything. But the truth is, the mask base itself is as important as the “miracle ingredients” in the special formula, if not more.

The mask base is the delivery agent that transfers the benefits of serum to the skin. Several different types of base materials exist out there in the ever-growing sheet mask industry: non-woven, cotton, pulp, fabric, micro-fibre, hydrogel, and bio cellulose. However, all of these materials have their own weaknesses, such as poor absorption, adhesion, or transferability. Some of these materials are not able to absorb oil-based serums or low pH ingredients, some may cause irritation due to coarse surface, some could have contamination issues or contain preservatives, and the list goes on.

YOUCEL overcame all these weaknesses by developing Dried Bio Cellulose, thanks to the innovative patented bio-technology. DBC is simply incomparable to any other mask base materials out there and outperforms in every aspect - absorption, transferability, adhesion, ease of handling, storing and safety.





Most mask sheet bases fail to deliver serum to skin effectively, in which case, serum is of no use. DBC sheet, which soaks up tremendous amount of serum, adheres to the finest wrinkles and corners of the skin to lock up all the nutrients, so they have nowhere left to go but into the skin.