Introduction to Dried Bio Cellulose

"Bio Cellulose is a magical material cultivated 100% naturally from real coconut extract, using innovative biotechnology and microbial fermentation"

New to bio cellulose?

Imagine a mild and moist jelly-like substance so thin and comfortable, that when applied, it feels like your own skin. Both hydrating and anti-inflammatory, bio cellulose is one of the most natural, safe, and skin-friendly mask base material.
Bio cellulose was originally developed for medical applications. However, it was rapidly integrated into skincare industry due to its outstanding character as prime delivery agent, effectively transferring active ingredients held in serums.



Our masks use the latest technology from Korea to take this magical bio cellulose to the next level. We created Dried Bio Cellulose – the purest, safest, and most effective of its kind.


 Regular bio-cellulose mask base stay wet throughout their entire production process: from cultivation to sterilization to packaging. In consideration of the fact that bacteria love to camp in damp conditions, these mask bases are treated with a simpler sterilizing method and count on preservatives for safekeeping.

Where we’re different is in our sterilization technique.

Instead of one simple method, we have a multi-step procedure to ensure you get the absolute cleanest and purest mask base for your face.

Unlike others, we use an original patented Hot Air Bio-Coating Technology to convert naturally obtained wet-type bio-cellulose into completely dried form – hot air to blitz and zap any remaining signs of contaminants, and antibacterial bio-coating on each microscopic fibril so the mask base can stay preservative-free.

 Praise the base: the serum isn’t everything

Most people tend to think the serum is everything. But the truth is, the base mask itself is, if not more, as important as the “miracle ingredients” in the special formula because the mask base is what acts as the delivery agent that transfers the benefits of the serum to your skin.

Several different types of base materials exist out there in the ever-growing sheet mask industry: non-woven, pulp, fabric, micro-fibre and hydro-gel. All of these types vary highly in composition and quality.




Dried Bio Cellulose mask base outperforms others in… 

Our superior Dried Bio Cellulose mask base has perfect adhesion and outstanding ability to transfer the active ingredients. This allows the concentrated serum in and under the mask to resist evaporation and stay moist throughout the entire application process, even if the outside starts to dry. With our Dried Bio Cellulose mask base, you get more active ingredients help IN the mask, than ON the mask, unlike other bases.