About O.MASK



O.MASK is made of bio-cellulose, a magical material cultivated 100% naturally using innovative biotechnology and fermentation.

We use a combination of real coconut extract and coconut water to create our bio-cellulose mask base. Agreed, these ingredients taste absolutely blissful, but we wanted to amplify their well-known hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties by putting the mix through the exquisite process that is fermentation.


 Skin-Friendly Base

If you’re new to bio-cellulose, imagine a texture so thin and comfortable that when applied, it feels like your own skin. By fermenting, microorganisms break down the (coconut) extract to a much milder and moist jelly-like substance, creating one of the most natural, safe and skin-friendly materials praised in the medical world.


 Developed for Medical Applications

Due to its multifunctionality, bio-cellulose is becoming ubiquitous in numerous industries around the world (including even the most unexpected ones, like electronics). However, bio-cellulose was originally developed and improved for medical applications. Professionals thought its cool temperature, moisture-holding capacity, and impressive adhesiveness were perfectly suited to heal wounds and treat burns.


Skin Restoration of Bio-cellulose

The material’s breathable properties maintain proper moisture to oxygen balance, protecting wounds from infection and accelerating the healing process. Today, bio-cellulose is even being used internally for cardiovascular tissue repair!